The Gospel of Doubt 


“The gospel of doubt, it gives me hope: that when our troubles overwhelm us, when the paths laid out for us seem to lead to our demise…it will not be our blind faith—no, it will be our humble doubt that shines a little light into the darkness of our lives and our world, and lets us raise our voice to whisper, or to shout, or to say simply, very simply: ‘There must be another way.'” 

Embrace Your Raw, Strange Magic

TED Salon: Belonging

The way we're taught to live has got to change. "We're taught to turn ourselves and our work into little nuggets that are easily digestible; taught to mutilate ourselves so that we make sense to others, to be a stranger to ourselves so the right people might befriend us and the right schools might accept us, and the right jobs might hire us, and the right parties might invite us, and, someday, the right God might invite us to the right heaven and close his pearly gates behind us, so we can bow down to Him forever and ever. These are the rewards, they say, for our obedience...And I say in return, 'No, thank you.'"

Purpose is the New Bottom Line

Creative Mornings NYC

Based on my work with mission-driven entrepreneurs across America, a call to create a “new playbook for change” by challenging the existing notions of entrepreneurship, unleashing the power of every individual to make a difference, and making business a true force for good. 

Harvard Business School Class Day

"In your hands, as well as mine, lies the hope for a new generation of business leaders, in which each of us becomes a pioneer; in which each of us decides to travel unknown roads in search of unsolved challenges; in which each of us commits our time and talent not just to the treasures of today, but to the frontier of tomorrow — where new dreams are waiting for us to pull them from the darkness. Yes, we have more work to do."

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